ACGME Conference 2022 Registration Details & Price

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is a physician-led, nonpartisan, non-profit entity that determines and administers medical knowledge requirements vital for physicians to provide safe, elevated health care throughout the United States.

The ACGME’s mission is quality improvement of medical knowledge, especially to eliminate medical errors.

The ACGME’s mission is quality improvement of medical knowledge, especially to eliminate medical errors.

The ACGME’s mission is quality improvement of medical knowledge, especially to eliminate medical errors.

What does the Conference event aim at?

Acgme conference event

Core competencies will communicate with collaborators from all over GME over the course of three days, with prospects for research and interaction.

Graduate medical education is the ACGME’s largest graduate medical education gathering.

It is a defining learning event that delivers knowledge and insights essential to all roles in the GME community and all participants concerned in engagement and interaction.

The conference’s theme is its relevance in medicine. It discusses the significance of gathering together as a GME community to restore, rehabilitate, and contemplate what the prior year has signified for health care and scholarly medicine.

Education in medicine is considered as one of ACGME common program requirements. Partnerships between peers and associates seem to be more fundamental than ever for adequate succession planning and institutional accreditation.

A digital Conference

The ACGME faculty have opted to conduct its 2022 Annual Educational Conference digitally. The ACGME’s continuous emphasis on residents and patient care, while keeping in mind population health, is evidenced in this move.

In addition, the fellows are happy to host the graduate medical education (GME) community at the 2022 conference.

The symposium will take place completely online from March 30 until April 1, 2022.

According to the ACGME website, vfairs will serve as the virtual platform for the 2022 educational programs, allowing registrants to interact, participate in important content, and continue exchanges about the latest innovation adoptions, discoveries, and improvements in GME.

vFairs will include live, semi-live, and on-demand session and workshop content, as well as interactivity and intuitive interface, and a visually appealing ambience that aims to imitate the in-person encounter, ensuring an extraordinary time for all the attendees.

Registration costs for ACGME Conference

The pricing varies according to the Slot in which the registration process takes place. Let’s compare the pricing according to the tire slots:

Pricing:Tier 1(closed)Tier 2 (Jan 8-Feb 9)Tier 3 (Feb 10 – March 30)
Premium Rate$345$395$445
Standard Rate$295$345$395
Residents/Fellow/Medical Student Rate$95$95$95

Attendees who pay the premium rate will get access to the conference’s information and presentations for the entire three days.

The standard rate contains links to presentations and content for the period of the conference as well as 3 months of on-demand convention content subsequently.

This discounted residents/fellow/medical student rate gives current residents, and fellows access to sessions and multimedia for the period of the conference, as well as three months of on-demand discussion data after the engagement.

Some things included in the registration:

  • 70+ seminars spread out over three different periods, with data from ACGME personnel and GME peers.
  • 29 qualification and acknowledgment events tied to specific expertise from the conference.
  • Premium registrants continue to have access to instructional content for one month following the programs, incorporating consultations with the accreditation council at the ACGME review committees.

And a lot more!

According to the acgme cancellation policy, no refunds will be initiated once the program directors complete the registration process.

Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover are all supported. Once an online payment bill is paid, an enrollment confirmation email and receipt will be sent to the email address affiliated with the entry.

The conference is one of your best bets when it comes to engaging in meaningful content, activities, events, budget-friendly programs.

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