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The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is responsible for the issuance of affiliation to graduate medical education (GME) programs.

The ACGME posts the international accreditation of its authorized GME program directors, including the identity of some of the licensed fellowship programs’ significant clinical sites, on its website.

It maintains a record of the clinical sites used by licensed residency and fellowship new programs for the primary purpose of sustaining current GME accreditation.

ACGME Program Search

Such data collection for the ACGME program is not expected to be a continuous repository for past as well as current resident cycles or rotation settings.

According to the Organization of State Medical Boards, most provincial health board criteria for initial accreditation do not include strict standards on clinical residency programs performed as part of collegiate medical school.

The ACGME firmly instructs medical students to learn about the accreditation status of any state where they plan to pursue membership in the future.

Looking out for merged and integrated education programs which aren’t accredited

It is possible to look for a combined or integrated educational program that has not been licensed by the ACGME but is comprised of multiple closely related core or some speciality training programs.

Each speciality or subspecialty curriculum in an unaccredited combined or integrated program receives separate probationary accreditation by the ACGME through its appropriate specialist Review Committee.

Board Certification qualification

According to the information listed on the ACGME program’s website, to be qualified for board certification in every one of the component areas of expertise, the development and educational plan for the consolidated training must be recognized by the speciality board for every one of the pertinent medical specialities or subspecialties.

On the electronic residency application service, choose to use a speciality or subspecialty combination from the speciality drop-down menu to search for combined or integrated programs.

Under the accredited specializations and subspecialties, the accredited united states college combinations will be displayed at the bottom of the pecking order.

In addition, the statement “aspects are separately accredited” will also be displayed in quotations next to each unaccredited speciality or subspecialty pairing for the American medical association in the list.


The ACGME Common Program Requirements are a set of basic standards (requirements) for American medical colleges resident and fellow physician training and preparation of critical care regarding medicine.

These prerequisites establish the stage for the development of the skills, information, and attitudes required to accept personal responsibility for individual patient health care in clinical learning situations like internal medicine, palliative medicine, emergency medicine, and nuclear medicine.

They also create an atmosphere in which residents and colleagues can communicate with patients while also being guided and managed by credentialed research physicians and other scholars who provide substance, perspective, and purpose to those discussions.

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How do I know if a program is ACGME accredited?

The ACGME publishes the international accreditation of its certified GME courses and also the identities of some of the licensed programs’ significant outpatient clinics.

What are ACGME accredited programs?

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is a corporate, non-profit corporation that supervises over 12,095 medical and internship programs in 157 professions and specializations in the United States, involving nearly 150,674 Applicants and Residents.

What does ACGME probation mean?

When the Review Committee deems that an Affiliated Organization or training course has attempted to demonstrate considerable conformance to specifications norms, Probationary Accreditation is issued.

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