Accreditation Data System (ADS) Login

The Accreditation Data System or ADS is an online service rendered by the ACGME to encourage and allow record-keeping by authorized medical professionals.

Accredited Graduate Medical Education Program has authorized directors and program coordinators who are given access to the Accreditation Data System to upload relevant program information regularly. These records are stored in special servers created and maintained by the ACGME.

What Is the Case Log System in ADS?

The Case Log System is an application that is part of the Accreditation Data System (ADS) where the clinical experiences of residents have to be uploaded for every academic year. Residents themselves enter this data on an individual case basis.

Further, Common Procedural Terminology (CPT) and International Classification of Diseases (ICD9) codes, along with other prominent descriptors are used for this purpose. Institutions have access to the data entered by their residents, and Review Committees segregate them based on specialties to use them as program performance indicators.

ACGME ADS Login Procedure

Follow these simple steps to log into your authorized ADS account on ACGME international official portal to complete the annual ads update or check the accreditation status:

  • Visit ACGME ADS official login page using a verified link this one.
  • Enter the login details assigned to you after the sign up on the ACGME ADS Portal.
  • On entering details correctly, you will directly see a “successfully logged in” message on the screen.
  • If you weren’t able to access the account after entering the right details, follow the troubleshooting guide on the ADS portal to look for a solution.
ADS Login

ACGME’s Accreditation Data System

Access is granted to Sponsoring Institutions, resident doctors, and designated institutional officials of medical colleges. The purpose of creating this web-based data collection system is to develop a secure environment where crucial and authentic data related to ACGME accredited programs can be accessed.

The web-based system also contains accreditation data of the Sponsoring Institution and its accredited programs. This way, the Accreditation Data System by ACGME becomes a tool to organize important accreditation details and a communication platform between Sponsoring Institutions and the ACGME.

In fact, even the Residency Review Committees and accreditation councils make a thorough review of the uploaded data to make key annual accreditation decisions.

Therefore, it is imperative for the program updates on ADS to be complete and accurate in terms of representing the current program requirements and characteristics.

Major Sections of The Data Uploaded On The ADS

The Accreditation Information section of the ADS has pre-uploaded information which has been put on the servers by the ACGME itself. There is no edit access for this section, and any changes to the information stored here can be made only with assistance from the ADS help desk.

Besides, any input fed into the system has to be complete with an accurate representation of all citations. ACGME mandates the dating of all responses, and the responses are not considered correct until the citations are adjudged “resolved” by the ACGME.

There is also a section where the institutions, coordinators, directors, etc. have to upload data related to the participating sites of their residency programs. These are the places where the residents give duties for four or more weeks at any point during the course.

The listing of these major sites, along with providing details of their medical directors and the reason why they were considered suitable for residents needs to be done for this annual update. Check the accreditation data system glossary to know more about the details that are uploaded on the ADS.

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