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ACGME is the general body that manages all the graduate medical education programs in the US. It’s a non-profit council that works towards a vision of improving the US health care system’s working methodologies, quality, and patient experience.

ACGME’s focus areas are Patient Safety, Health Care Quality, Care Transitions, Supervision, Well-Being, and Professionalism. All the residents and fellows are trained in all these six focus areas. The feedback mechanism is also integrated by ACGME to make the assessment system more robust.

The standards of the education and clinical programs are set by ACGME. To review the performance of these initiatives, ACGME collects Case Log System’s data and other survey data. All this data can be directly entered into the ACGME data systems.


A stable internet connection and a smart device that runs Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac operating systems are needed to access the ACGME data systems. The supported browsers on which ACGME systems can open are:

  1. Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Microsoft Edge
  4. Safari 12+

If your system has either of these browsers installed, you can access all the ACGME data systems including Case Log System. The ACGME systems can no longer be accessed through Internet Explorer versions 11 and below due to security reasons.

To log in to the ACGME data systems you can visit its website. All the resources, study material, videos from conferences, etc. can be directly accessed through this portal. The progress made by the residents and fellows is captured in the case of log systems with the help of CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes.

The Clinical Competency Committee reviews the case logs every 6 months. A total case completion requirement is also set by the ACGME for residents or fellows registered in the PG course.

The educational requirements are tracked by ACGME for fellows and residents. If you have specific questions related to ACGME, then you can drop an email to

Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Login Process

Step 1: Go to or go to google/ Bing Search Engines and type ACGME login

Step 2: By Click on the first result and new tab will open

Step 3: Enter your Login Details Like (Username/Email and then Password in those fields) on that Page

Step 4: Click On Login

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  1. Tyler Mange says:

    I cannot login to the case log system. The password reset link is not working as I am not receiving the emails with the reset instructions. Your “contact us” emails are also not working so I do not know who to contact. Please help.

    1. Hello @Tyler Mange

      this is not an Official website of ACGME and this is a fan-made blog which we want to provide some information regarding ACGME

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